Insurance Verification

We obtain a full breakdown of dental insurance benefits for all new patients and patients with new insurance. We also check active/inactive status for all existing patients.

E-claim Submission

We submit all e-claims created by your team after we ensure all appropriate supporting documentation is attached.

Claims Follow-up

We follow up on all dental insurance claims over 30 days old at least every 14 days. We continue to follow each claim until it's resolved.

Insurance Payment Entry

We post all dental insurance payments to the patients' ledger and take any required, in-network adjustments. If a balance remains after all claims for family are closed, we mail a statement.

Patient Balances Follow-up

We follow up on all patient balances over 30 days old. Each patient will receive two statements, an overdue letter, and a final demand letter. We will then send a list of patients to you for collections.