The pricing for the services we provide is very nuanced. No two practices are the same and, therefore, they require different amounts of work to manage the accounts receivable. We've created a series of bundles that group the services most commonly sought after together.


All the prices you see on this page are for a typical, single doctor practice. There are certain circumstances that may cause your particular practice to require more work upfront. The most common examples of this are a backlog of insurance payments that haven't been posted or a backlog of e-claims that haven't been submitted. In these cases, depending on the volume, we may be required to add an additional fee for the first month or two. This will give us the ability to assign enough manpower to tackle the backlog and continue to maintain your current billing so that things don't fall behind again. All of our services come with a monthly report that tells you how we are doing. It also will include any trends we've seen that can help your practice run more efficiently.


If you think you might have one of these circumstances or have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are all here to help!

A la Carte Services

Insurance Verification

We obtain a full breakdown of dental insurance benefits for all new patients and patients with new insurance. We also check active/inactive status for all existing patients.

$2,000 per month

E-claim Submission

We submit all e-claims created by your team after we ensure all appropriate supporting documentation is attached.

$900 per month

Claims Follow-up

We follow up on all dental insurance claims over 30 days old at least every 14 days. We continue to follow each claim until it's resolved.

$1,200 per month

Insurance Payment Entry

We post all dental insurance payments to the patients' ledger and take any required, in-network adjustments. If a balance remains after all claims for family are closed, we mail a statement.

$1,200 per month

Patient Balances Follow-up

We follow up on all patient balances over 30 days old. Each patient will receive two statements, an overdue letter, and a final demand letter. We will then send a list of patients to you for collections.

$1,200 per month

Bundle 1

E-claims submission and claims follow-up

$1,800 per month

Bundle 2

Insurance verification, e-claims submission, and claims follow-up

$3,900 per month

Bundle 3

E-claims submission, claims follow-up, and insurance payment entry

$3,000 per month

Bundle 4

E-claims submission, claims follow-up, patient balances follow-up, and insurance payment entry

$4,200 per month

Bundle 5

Insurance verification, e-claims submission, claims follow-up, patient balances follow-up, and insurance payment entry

$5,800 per month