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Why outsource?

Medical offices have been outsourcing their billing for years. As you know, there are many potential problems with having your team manage your cash flow.

  1. Employees are expensive.

  2. Employees get sick and have emergencies.

  3. Employees don't always have the skill sets necessary to effectively manage all steps of the dental billing process.

Using Diligent Dental Billing to handle your billing from start to finish solves all of these issues.

  1. DDB doesn't require you to provide medical insurance, vacation time, or other benefits.

  2. DDB has a team of account specialists who are cross-trained so your account never goes unworked.

  3. DDB's team has extensive experience in the entire dental billing process. Most of our team also has worked in offices just like yours so they understand the day-to-day struggles you are having.

In addition to being the solution to your cash flow and billing issues, we also evaluate your practice as we work and provide you with tips and tricks to help your practice increase it's efficiency and producitivity.

The Dental Billing Process
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We are a full service dental billing outsourcing service. We can help you with the billing process from submitting e-claims to billing patients.


We have a team of US-based account specialists who are fully trained in every aspect of dental billing. We train our team to treat your patients with respect and kindness, just as your staff would.

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